Friendly fire

Friendly fire

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Displayed in the Saint-Étienne church in France is the figure of René de Chalon, Prince of Orange. The prince died at the young age of 25 during the siege of Saint-Dizier in 1544.

Rather then memorialize him in the standard hero form, his wife requested (or René himself requested, or possibly both) that he be shown as “not a standard figure but a life-size skeleton with strips of dried skin flapping over a hollow carcass, whose right hand clutches at the empty rib cage while the left hand holds high his heart in a grand gesture.” (Source)


Patrick Caulfield

Interior: Night, 1971

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McQ SS 15

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Bruna Tenório By Yu Tsai For Harper’s Bazaar Singapore October 2014

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"Tokusatsu"  Aliens

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MS-09R Rick Dom

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